Sunday, June 14, 2009

14th Clutter Free Day, CLA East

I attended the Clutter Free Day in Brooklyn, New York on May 17, 2009 and was priviledged to be the keynote speaker. You can listen to my qualification by downloading mp3 files. They are broken down into 7 different files so they are small enough to upload. In order to listen, you have to save them one at a time to your computer, download them, and watch what file they're put into. Then you have to click on them and open an audio program on your computer to listen. They are titled as follows:
1. Keynote intro CFD East - Cindy track01.mp3 7.0 MB
2. Keynote CFD East - Cindy track02.mp3 7.0 MB
3. Keynote CFD East - Cindy track03.mp3 6.9 MB
4. Keynote CFD East - Cindy track04.mp3 7.0 MB
5. Keynote CFD East - Cindy track05.mp3 6.9 MB
6. Keynote CFD EAst - Cindy track06.mp3 7.0 MB
7. Keynote CFD East - Cindytrack07.mp3 4.8 MB

The Schedule:
Spiritual Timing: Fredrick W, NY
Notes from Spiritual Timing

Steps 1-3: Questions to Ask Yourself: Peter L, NJ
Getting Motivated to Declutter: Beryl, NY
Nonphysical Decluttering: Ruthe S, PA
Powerless Over Paper: Mary P, NY
Using the Tools of CLA: Tova B, NY
Keynote Speaker: Cindy S, CA
Steps Linked To Strategies: Naomi L, NY
Clutter & Relationships: Andrew S, MD
Book Hoarding: Mary Agnes, MA

In recovery,

FYI: You can purchase physical CDs to listen on your CD player or in your car from Glenn K Audio Tapes at There is a choice to purchase the complete set of 10 CDs or individual ones from the most recent 14th Clutter Free Day, Brooklyn, NY, 5/17/2009. Audio from previous Clutter Free Days are also available in the same location. (NOTE: This information is for your information and recovery only, CLA does not endorse or promote any business entity nor does it make any profit from this media availability.)

Berkeley Clutterers Anonymous

You are cordially invited to join us in person!
North Berkeley Clutterers Anonymous Meeting

Monday evening 7:15-8:30 PM

Tuesday morning
10:00 AM sharp until 11:15 AM

Epworth United Methodist Church
1953 Hopkins Street
Berkeley, Ca 94707

Directions to Epworth:
Epworth United Methodist Church is located at 1953 Hopkins Street at Napa Avenue, near the south portal of the Solano Avenue tunnel.

By Public Transit:

AC Transit local routes 43, 9, and 7 stop at the corner of Hopkins and Sutter (Shattuck Avenue), near the south portal of the Solano Avenue tunnel. (Route FS provides TransBay service, weekday commute hours only.)

From there, it's a one-block downhill walk to the church. Route
15 stops at the corner of Hopkins and The Alameda (MLK Jr. Way), near the North Berkeley Branch Library. Walk uphill on Hopkins past Milvia - the church will be on your left.

Transfer to the 43, 9, and 7 buses at the Berkeley BART station. (Route 9 no longer stops at North Berkeley BART.)

On Your Bike:

The northern end of the Milvia Street Bicycle Boulevard intersects Hopkins Street, just a block from the church.

From Major Highways:

From the Eastshore Freeway (I-80) take the Gilman Street exit and continue eastward until Gilman intersects with Hopkins. Turn left and proceed uphill on Hopkins. You'll pass Monterey Foods, MLK Middle School, and the North Berkeley Branch Library on the way.

From Highway 24, take the Tunnel Road exit, and proceed west on Ashby Avenue to Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. Turn right on MLK, drive north for about two miles, then right again on Hopkins.

First Tuesday of the Month: Business Meeting
Second Tuesday: Speaker Meeting
Third, Fourth, Fifth Tuesdays:
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Isolation and shame are two major factors from which many clutterers suffer. Sometimes it takes a long time to really see improvements in our physical clutter and our thinking. We welcome you! You are taking a bold step forward and you are not alone! Remember: Progress, not perfection! The information posted here, the tools, readings, phone meetings and resources support us all in our process to recovering from cluttering.